Creative thinking that delivers results

02 Mar
social media, customer satisfaction, customer service, social media marketing

While naysayers regularly criticize the very essence of social media, there are many in the know that understand that when used properly, brands of all sizes and shapes can derive many things through this marketing and communications channel. One component that’s often forgotten is how social can help your business enhance its customer satisfaction.

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15 Jun
social media marketing, social media, strategy

Yes, the word is grossly overused in today’s business world. But the reality is that when used and implemented correctly, a well thought out marketing and social media strategy can go a very long way to ensuring your success. But how do you do this?

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21 Jan
Social medial, social listening, social media research,social intelligence, influencer marketing

We’re all very familiar with the impact of social media as a means to connect and engage with one’s audience, to disseminate key messages and even have two-way conversations with your customers. But how many know it can be a very powerful – and cost-effective tool in completing market research on your business?

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