Creative thinking that delivers results

11 Sep
content marketing, digital marketing, content, CONEX, marketing, conference

CONEX 2018 was a whirlwind of learning, networking and all things marketing and content. Launched in 2016 by content marketing tech company Uberflip, it has evolved into a well-respected marketing conference in no time. I was finally able to attend this year’s conference and the 2+ days of learning and fun provided a fresh perspective on why content is so important in marketing, and why we as marketers need to think differently – aka the Content Experience – when it comes to content marketing.

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10 Aug
marketing personalization, personalization, marketing strategy, analytics, big data

Marketing personalization continues to be a focal point for many marketers as we strive to better engage with our customers and deliver them the offers, promotions and messaging they want when they want it. The challenge however continues to be how best to make this happen, and to achieve this at scale. So what can be done to make this more successful? Here are a few suggestions we’ve compiled.

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09 Jul
customer satisfaction, customer service, customer expectations, marketing strategy, content strategy

I’ll be the first to admit it – my expectations around customer service are pretty high, both as a customer and as a service provider. I have a vision for what I believe is quality service and I constantly challenge myself to ensure these views are reasonable and realistic. When it comes to customer service, nothing irritates me more than those businesses that portray themselves as customer-centric and customer-first in all their marketing messages but then knowingly and consciously do the complete opposite.

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