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Social Media Services

Recent statistics indicate there are over 2 billion people actively using a variety of social media services around the world. There has literally been an explosion in the growth of social media amongst consumers, with many businesses  purposes, with a number of new services becoming very popular with consumers over the past few years.

A big reason for the recent growth of Social Media has been the increased popularity of the mobile channel for consumers. Indeed as more and more people turn to smartphones as their means of staying up to date and in contact with the rest of the world, one can only expect that this trend will continue. Your business needs to take advantage of these trends in mobile and social media marketing if you haven't already.

By sending out several targeted “tweets” or "posts" each week, your clients will remain engaged with your business - even when they don't need your services.  Clients will appreciate the accessibility, special offers, real-time updates and interactions that are possible when your business engages in Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

There are a variety of social media services available to businesses today that they can use to market their product their products and services. From the 'old' standbys like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn to the more recent services offered by the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, there are many options available.

This plethora of options creates the most obvious challenge for businesses in terms of which would one would be most effective at reaching your target market and engaging your clients in a meaningful way. We will work with you to determine which social media services would align best with your marketing objectives.  We will take care of all the “tweeting” and account maintenance – leaving you with more time to focus on growing your business.

- Generate followers from specific demographics

- Promote brand awareness and recognition

- Disseminate breaking news relevant to your company and clients

- Improve your online visibility

Promote your brand and give your clients a “behind the scenes” look at your company through a social media presence for your business.  Photos, status updates, videos, discussion forums and the latest news and offers give your business an added level of accessibility and exclusivity. A business page on social media is an extremely effective marketing tool that will enhance communication with your clients and prospects. 

We will update your social media accounts daily or several times a week depending on the nature of your business and your customers, your budget and a few other criteria. We will monitor and promote your brand through social media, uploading and moderating all status updates and customer interactions for you.

Content Marketing: Professional Blogging

The most effective way to drive traffic to your website, and ultimately to your business, is by providing relevant, up-to-date and fresh content on a regular basis.  A regular blog is an integral part of most Content Marketing strategies. It can add another dimension to your business, transforming it into a powerful online resource.  With frequent, well-written updates, your blog can demonstrate your subject matter expertise, thus attracting a large and devoted following. This can often be translated into new business, new clients and new partnerships.  A blog is a useful tool for:

- Demonstrating thought leadership and expertise

- Responding to customer service issues

- Inspiring and engaging your audience

- Developing and connecting with your online community

SMART blogging packages also include Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By inserting targeted keywords and meta tags into your blog we can heighten your search engine ranking, improving your online visibility and increasing traffic to your website.

We can also design and create a customized blog page for your business. Please ask us for more information on this or any of our other Social Media services.

Email Marketing and Social Media

Deliver your company's messages and information directly to your client's inbox with a well-written, visually appealing electronic newsletter. Email Marketing remains an integral part of digital and traditional marketing strategies. It can also leverage and enhance your social media activity by embedding links to featured blog posts and your Twitter and Facebook accounts - directly in your email messages. it provides an alternative access point for much of your Social Media content.

New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) makes it more important than ever that businesses abide by the requirements of these laws. We can assist you with ensuring you meet these legislative guidelines while also providing your email recipients with a professional, attractive and well written newsletter they will find both interesting and informative.

We will work with you to design your email newsletter and distribute it to your contact list. Email Marketing will allow you to:

- Highlight current promotions and drive traffic to specific areas of your website and your social media accounts

- Provide a new medium to distribute important company information and offers

- Build customer loyalty through email-exclusive coupons, incentives and promotions

- Easily monitor and track client activity and engagement

Contact us to learn more about integrating Email Marketing into your Social Media and other online and traditional marketing campaigns.