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15 Jun

5 tips to being more strategic with your social media marketing

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Yes, the word is grossly overused in today’s business world. But the reality is that when used and implemented correctly, a well thought out marketing and social media strategy can go a very long way to ensuring your success. But how do you do this?

This month we thought it would be helpful to cut through all the jargon and rhetoric and give small and medium-sized (SMB) marketers a better idea of how to be more strategic when it comes to your social media marketing.

We’ve amassed the following pointers we think will help you get the resources by being able to explain to your boss how a strategic mindset can benefit your company.

1.     Tight budgets require a smart approach

This is the one thing C-suite execs often criticize marketers for – their efficacy in allocating the marketing budget. Is it being directed to the right activities and the right audience at the right time?

A strategic mindset will enable you to avoid the social media platforms where your clients aren’t prevalent while also delivering the right messages and content at the right time in the buying cycle. Marketing analytics can help you figure out the latter.

2.     Impetus to plan

Any good strategy requires the requisite plan to pull it off successfully. Otherwise you might as well not spend the time developing the strategy in the first place! As the old saying goes, “when you fail to plan you plan to fail”!

Decide strategically which social media platforms make most sense for your business and the audience you want to communicate with. Understand based on your current resources (and any future needs) how much you can realistically commit to in terms of account monitoring, content creation, research, customer service, etc. Don’t over-commit!

3.     Content calendars work

One piece of advice we give most businesses starting up their social media efforts is to develop a content calendar for your posts. This is an offshoot of the social media and marketing plan. Creating and sourcing content can be difficult in the beginning, particularly if you’re not the best writer and don’t feel comfortable doing research online for the topics you want to use on social.

Thus it’s imperative early on that you plan out at least some of the content you want to post via social media. You don’t always have to find actual articles or blogs. Instead you can identify topics or ideas to mention; you can always find the actual article closer to the posting date. The key is to plan out what you want to say, how often, and when. A calendar can help you visualize and schedule where this content will fit in your overall marketing strategy.

4.     Stay on message

With the vast array of content available online, it’s very easy for a brand to stray – on occasion or even regularly – from its strategic messaging (that differentiates it from its competitors). In order to avoid this common pitfall, marketers are reminded to constantly refer back to their overarching marketing strategy as the guide for what to say, and to whom. Do this and you stand a much better chance of clearly articulating what makes you unique in the marketplace! It should also save you a lot of time and money.

5.     Results!

Indeed a well thought out strategic approach can drive bottom line results! That’s because it forces you to ask yourself some very fundamental but difficult questions about your business, competitors, strengths and opportunities – all which force you to focus your social media efforts on content and messages that will resonate with your audience and ultimately help you drive key business results.

So there you have it. Follow these five tips and you’ll be well on your way to social media and marketing success. If you need any help refining your marketing or social media strategy or implementing your strategy into your daily marketing activities, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to walk you through any of this!