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24 Mar

Successful Social Media: Share and Share Alike

Category: Social media

Proponents of social media marketing point to several true differentiators for this communications channel, but arguably none is more important than its ability to disseminate your messages and grow your audience by getting people to share your content.

Why is sharing so important? Your audience, not matter how large, is only so big. By getting your loyal followers to enjoy and then share your content with their audience, you can exponentially increase the exposure your business and brand receives.

Deliver Quality and Value

There is no bigger validation for the quality and value of your content than if it’s shared with others. It’s as simple as that! And that’s why most content marketing experts insist that above all else, businesses should focus on the quality of their content, and with adding value to their customers’ overall experience.

Another tactic similar to content sharing is getting readers to comment on your posts. This is simply a different form of interaction, and one that can elicit an even more meaningful conversation. And when readers “like” or “favorite” your posts, in essence they’re also commenting on it and providing an endorsement for it.

Don’t be afraid to ask

So how do you get your audience to share and comment on your blogs and posts? Ask them! There’s no more better way than to simply ask your followers to share your posts with their audience or to comment on them. You can also boost the likelihood of this by posing questions directly in your blogs or social media posts, asking your readers for their thoughts and perspectives on a topic.

Remember to also share, like and comment on the posts of others. When you initiate this type of engagement with their content, they’ll remember it and be much more apt to do the same for you.

This then brings us full circle to why we need to create great content for our target audience. Content that delivers value generates engagement, which in turn helps to spread word about your brand and its messages to an even larger group. Isn’t that what marketing and communications is all about?

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