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20 Dec

Marketing is NOT a science

Category: Marketing

One of the more problematic trends I’ve noticed in the past few years has been the movement by more and more marketers to use strictly quantitative measures to evaluate and rationalize the success of a given marketing campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, empirical evidence is critical in all areas of business, including marketing. However, the trend to blindly follow email marketing metrics, Google Analytics values and the like can truly be dangerous. Why you ask? It’s because this approach tends to discount the importance of the creative component of marketing.

The reality is that no matter how you slice it, quantifying marketing results is an inexact science fraught with assumptions and inaccuracies. To suggest that marketing automation tools can fully explain, justify and support a given marketing tactic and indicate its relative success is at best a stretch.

In the end, common sense – both from a marketing and overall business perspective - should prevail. What this means for businesses is the following:

1) Quantify, where appropriate, the marketing activities you’re engaged in, but don’t rely on it exclusively.

2) Use your marketing and business knowledge to inject a subjective approach to what you’re doing. Sometimes your gut is the best analytics tool available!

3) Ideally, if you can combine sound statistical information with solid business analysis and decision-making, you’ll achieve a better end-result.

I studied sciences throughout high school and university, and one thing I learned was that science can explain much, but not everything about what transpires in our lives. If this wasn’t true, there would be no reason why our children should learn subjects like history, sociology and philosophy in school.

Marketing is much like other business topics such as accounting and finance in that quantifiable evidence and information should be used to help make business decisions; however it shouldn’t be allowed to dictate them! Happy marketing everyone.

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