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19 Apr

Hope you like it! Our redesigned website

Category: Marketing

That’s right gang, after 3 years with our old website, it came time to blow it up and start anew. Apparently we have lots of free time on our hands! In reality, some issues with our old site forced us to invest the time and money into a new one. Business lesson for today – a problem can often become an opportunity if you look at it in a positive manner and find a way to make it a win-win scenario.

While our hand was forced to redesign our site, it allowed us to develop a fully responsive website, one that is now mobile-enabled and fully functional on all devices, tablets included.

So not only did we address the problems with our old site but we created a new website that better addresses the new realities in the online space - the recent exponential growth in smartphone and tablet usage, thus providing improved access for all users.

New Features, New Content

This has also given us an opportunity to review our existing content and identify any gaps. One that was noted was in the area of Copywriting and Editing, which is something we do a lot of – and are supposedly quite good at as well!

It also became obvious to us that we needed to do a better job of promoting our marketing capabilities. We are marketers after all! So we’ve put more emphasis on a number of our skills, including email marketing, content marketing, marketing strategy and social media capabilities, to name a few.

Finally, we’ve made the new website more visually appealing with the use of more images and less copy, as well as organizing our content a little more effectively and adding Share buttons throughout. We hope you like these changes. Feel free to provide us with your thoughts in our new Comments section below, now available on all our blog posts. Enjoy!