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24 Aug

One of the first questions I get when I introduce myself and my business to clients and colleagues is, “what is a Sydcam and where did you get that name from?” Well, the response is a pretty simple one, rooted in something I hold near and dear to me – my family. You see, the name Sydcam comes from the names of my two children, my daughter Sydney and my son Cameron. I figured if it works for Mattamy Homes (i.e. Matt and Amy, his two kids), one of the largest home builders in the Toronto area, it could work for me!

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23 Jul

I came across a rather interesting article in the June 30, 2010 edition of Marketing magazine that I wanted to share with you. The article talks about one of the more challenging tasks many established businesses face – whether or not to rebrand themselves, and if so, for what purpose (i.e. to go after existing clients in a different way or to target an entirely different client segment).

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08 Jul

Often times when we think of how businesses and brands fail, we think of poor products or products that no longer meet the needs of their customers, poor customer service, too much competition, or issues with pricing and profitability. Rarely do we think that brands can fall prey to bad public relations (PR) tactics and strategies.

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