Creative thinking that delivers results

24 Nov

Collaborating with our clients isn’t likely that foreign to most of us – we’ve probablly done it at some point in our careers. The real question is how often do we do it? Is it something we only do when it’s convenient or when the client insists upon it? Or is this the approach we often engage in, one that forms a fundamental way we meet our clients' needs?

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17 Oct

How to avoid competing on price

Category: Pricing
Written by: Ian Turner

This week’s blog illustrates an important point for all businesses – tough times don’t necessarily mean focusing on the lowest common denominator in the marketing mix – price. At Sydcam Marketing Communications, we truly understand this is often easier said than done, but every business needs to be able differentiate itself to avoid this pitfall. 

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20 Sep

At Sydcam Marketing Communications, we’re always on the lookout for new trends in the world of marketing. I recently came across some very interesting research from The NPD Group that I wanted to share with my readers. For those of you that regularly use the internet to purchase items, you may be surprised how quickly this channel of distribution is evolving.

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