Creative thinking that delivers results

30 Jul

In today’s digital world, where ‘one-to-one’ marketing has been greatly facilitated by tools such as social networking, many business owners assume that in this highly personalized environment, it’s not a concern if your messaging or positioning is different from one medium, audience or client conversation to the next. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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25 May

At Sydcam Marketing Communications, we believe that social media should be an important part of the communications mix for many small and medium-sized businesses. And the reason why is simple – it provides a cost-effective strategy to grow your business and build your brand. Twitter is one of the more popular social media tools for doing just this.

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25 Apr

Great marketers think like a customer

Category: Marketing
Written by: Ian Turner

What makes a great marketer? Is it above average creativity, a strong business acumen, an ability to think strategically with a big picture approach, or is it a bit of everything? And how do marketers acquire these skills?  Is it by working in various areas of an organization first, by attending a B-school and perhaps getting an MBA, or is it by cutting your teeth first in sales and then translating that training and exposure into a marketing role?

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