Creative thinking that delivers results

29 Jan

I recently presented this topic to my colleagues at the Oakville Networking group, and they found it very informative and helpful, so I thought I would repurpose it and share it with you – not to mention it’s a long overdue blog post for us at Sydcam! Here is Part 1 of a two part series on this topic.

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04 Nov

There are so many ways to market one’s products these days – web, print, social media, TV, radio and video – that some may be overwhelmed when deciding which tactic is most relevant for their business. At Sydcam Marketing Communications, we like to keep things simple for our clients when it comes to their marketing needs. That’s why for us the answer to this question is a straightforward one -create interesting and compelling content for your audience.

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23 Sep

Often, the above topic is mentioned in relation to its critical role in marriage and family life, not to mention in managing and leading employees. It isn’t emphasized nearly as much in the marketing realm, as it is often overshadowed by issues such branding and creative design, advertising, the online channel and the 4Ps, to name but a few.

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