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12 Feb

As marketers, we understand the importance of promotion. After all, it's the primary role we play in enticing customers to purchase our clients' products and services. What tends to be less appreciated by some – and by many businesses – is the whole concept of promotional pricing or offering discounts, ‘deals' and ‘offers' to our clients.

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20 Jan

It's never easy to write blogs like this. I always feel like I'm giving someone a hard time. Trust me, this isn't the case! The purpose of this month's blog is to hopefully enlighten you about common foibles many small business owners encounter in the area of marketing and how they can be avoided.

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30 Oct

There's no denying it, no matter how many businesses wish it weren't true. Consumers truly hold the balance of power in the game of marketing and sales. Where it was once possible that marketers could literally ram products and services down their clients' throats, today customers are in control given they're much more sophisticated and knowledgeable. They instead expect marketers to be able to convince them of the value of their wares.

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