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19 Apr

Hope you like it! Our redesigned website

Category: Marketing
Written by: Ian Turner

That’s right gang, after 3 years with our old website, it came time to blow it up and start anew. Apparently we have lots of free time on our hands! In reality, some issues with our old site forced us to invest the time and money into a new one. Business lesson for today – a problem can often become an opportunity if you look at it in a positive manner and find a way to make it a win-win scenario.

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28 Aug

Marketing consultants and agencies alike talk about a variety of different techniques and strategies to build your business’ brand effectively. And while they all have relevance, they all boil down to a few key issues we all need to consider.

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21 Mar

My friends at Klout sent me a message recently asking the thought provoking question: “What 3 suggestions would you give to companies (or individuals) just starting out with social media”?

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