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08 Apr
digital marketing, influencer marketing, influencers, big data, data analytics, one-to-one marketing, personalization

Disruption is a phenomenon affecting almost every aspect of our lives, from politics to health, the environment, shopping and education. Technology is the driving force behind much of this disruption; however we shouldn’t discount how evolving demands and expectations are creating an environment prone to disruption.  Marketers are facing many disruptors on a variety of fronts today. We will look at three of the key causes of this disruption.

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08 Mar
marketing strategy, customer experience, customer satisfaction, marketing communications

In April 2011 I wrote a blog on why great marketers need to think like their customers. Much has changed in the marketing world since then, what with the continued growth of digital marketing and social media plus the increased reliance on technology in marketing to name but a few. Customer-centricity has become a way of life for marketers as we struggle to find better and more effective ways to engage with our customers, identify influencers and remain relevant. With this in mind, I thought we should take another look at how the customer is impacting marketers today.

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08 Feb

The modern consumer has changed considerably in recent years. Nowhere is this more evident than in looking at the results from polls on brand loyalty such as one recently commissioned by Mintel. This one pointed to bargain shopping as the primary culprit for a drop in loyalty. So is brand loyalty really dead?

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