Creative thinking that delivers results

28 Nov

Many companies develop a business plan when they first start out, and update it regularly as a way of setting their vision and goals for the future. However, few businesses translate this into a more focused marketing effort through the creation of a well thought out marketing plan. Unfortunately, many of these businesses are doing so at their own peril.

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21 Oct

It sure as heck wasn’t us! I recently came across a very enlightening article that captured our personal feelings – ones we’re often reluctant to admit to - regarding the many challenges inherent in digital marketing.

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30 Sep

Marketers need to be good Storytellers

Category: Marketing
Written by: Ian Turner

Marketers are always trying to sell me something! That’s the perception many consumers have of our profession. Having been inundated with ads forever, consumers have become highly desensitized to them.  As a result, marketers and communicators have had to come up with a more effective way of capturing their audience’s attention – storytelling.

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