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17 Dec

Target Markets: A Primer

Category: Marketing strategy
Written by: Ian Turner
Target Markets

For many small and medium-sized businesses, we’re so focused on determining our preferred marketing channels – web, email, social media, online ads, or even print that we often neglect the fundamental ‘strategic’ components of marketing. That’s why we’ve decided to touch on these in the coming months as they’re so critical to a business’ success. This month we’ll be discussing target markets.

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21 Nov

Thought Leadership – Why it matters

Category: Marketing
Written by: Ian Turner
Thought Leadership

In an era of’ always on’ consumers and with the proliferation of information today, brands wishing to stand out and be noticed require a very strategic approach to achieving this. One of the most effective ways for brands to display their capabilities in a given area is by demonstrating ‘thought leadership’. But what does this mean, and can it actually deliver tangible results?

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22 Oct
Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing

Oh no you say, not another type of marketing! So what is influencer marketing and why has it become an important part of the marketing mix for many businesses, especially those with an online presence? For those that read our blog last month on Customer Engagement, influencer marketing is very much an extension of this. Specifically, it refers to a brand’s ability to motivate ‘online influencers’ to act as your advocates.

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