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17 Jun

One of the many strengths of the internet is its ability to connect people easily and quickly around the world. The rapid growth of social media and its prevalence in many of our lives is a testament to this. While many businesses have jumped on this digital bandwagon, some struggle to differentiate themselves online.

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24 May
differentiation, marketing, marketing strategy

In our continuing series on the value and importance of a marketing strategy for your business, today we’re going to touch on something that sometimes gets lost in the digital world of social media, SEO, marketing analytics and Google AdWords – differentiation.

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23 Apr

The ultimate social media fail

Category: Social media
Written by: Ian Turner
Social media fail, social media under the microscope

Clients often ask me what’s the worst thing a business could do on social media. My response has always been the same over the past few years – ignore your customers and fail to respond to their comments and feedback, both negative and positive. However, a recent experience changed all this, resulting in a new “lowest of the lows”.

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