Creative thinking that delivers results

10 Jun
digital marketing, personalization, privacy, data analytics, big data

More and more in recent years, consumers have yearned for and demanded from the brands they support that they deliver more relevant and personalized advertisements and offers to them. And for the most part brands have tried to achieve this by leveraging their digital capabilities to provide more pertinent ads.

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12 Aug

We help many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) improve their marketing efforts. All too often when we meet with a new client we recognize a number of common factors that are adversely affecting their marketing results.

For the benefit of our readers, we thought it would be helpful to outline the key issues we’ve seen over the years. This should enable you to assess if your own business is facing these same challenges, and what you may be able to do to resolve them.

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08 May
marketing strategy, marketing plan, marketing tactics

I make a point to read about marketing topics on almost a daily basis, along with attending many webinars. And if there is one pet peeve I have with the marketing community is their failure to understand the distinctions between the terms marketing strategy, plan and tactics. Too often these terms are used interchangeably, which only serves to confuse those in the profession and others trying to better understand our space.

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