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11 Apr

How ‘big’ is Big Data?

Category: Marketing strategy
Written by: Ian Turner
Big data, data analytics, marketing strategy, SMB

The evolution of technology in marketing has been truly momentous over the last five years alone. Marketers are relying more and more on tech to solve the ‘big data equation’ in order to make informed and intelligent marketing decisions. The growth in big data – and in tech offerings to manage all this data – will only grow in the coming years as businesses strive to use it as a differentiator.

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10 Mar
marketing strategy, marketing, SMB

As I’ve said on many occasions, marketing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) isn’t easy nowadays, in spite of all the tools at our disposal. Add to this that customers have become more demanding than ever before and the result is a much more complicated puzzle. And when SMBs fail to employ a sound marketing strategy in devising their marketing tactics, things can only get worse!

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21 Jan
Social medial, social listening, social media research,social intelligence, influencer marketing

We’re all very familiar with the impact of social media as a means to connect and engage with one’s audience, to disseminate key messages and even have two-way conversations with your customers. But how many know it can be a very powerful – and cost-effective tool in completing market research on your business?

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