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21 Jul
employee advocacy, employee, engagement

The advent of social media and digital marketing has resulted in the exponential growth and near obsession of many marketers with two key metrics – engagement and reach. Both of these elements have been enhanced greatly by the internet; marketers are now geared to motivating their customers to communicate with their brand online.

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15 Jun
social media marketing, social media, strategy

Yes, the word is grossly overused in today’s business world. But the reality is that when used and implemented correctly, a well thought out marketing and social media strategy can go a very long way to ensuring your success. But how do you do this?

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11 May
Branding, brand, marketing, logo, marketing communications

We can all appreciate the importance of branding for a business, particularly in today’s ultra-competitive market. Being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors is critical to gaining traction with your customers. But is your brand saying the right things that will resonate with them?

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