Creative thinking that delivers results

25 Nov
digital marketing, marketing automation, big data

One of the most powerful developments in marketing in the past five years has been the growth of marketing analytics as a decision making tool and one that can help personalize communications with clients. The use of data to make more objective business decisions has been applauded many marketing naysayers who expect more from us than just pretty creative and gut decisions. But is this evolution truly all it’s cracked up to be?

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14 Oct
digital marketing, online marketing, marketing communications

Change. It appears to be the one constant we can count on these days. We’ve come to grips with the reality that we need to be able to adapt to change or deal with the repercussions. Digital marketers have become very attune with this concept, with many expected to constantly adjust their digital marketing campaigns in order to achieve optimal results.

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14 Sep

Has marketing become too complicated?

Category: Marketing
Written by: Ian Turner
marketing, marketing automation, marketing technology

I’m sure this is a question many professional marketers ask themselves on a regular basis. Technology has had a huge impact throughout society, and marketing is no different.

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