Creative thinking that delivers results

02 Apr
loyalty marketing, loyalty programs, marketing strategy

Loyalty programs have a fairly simple goal – to reward loyal customers for their continued patronage by incenting them to choose your business for current and future purchases. In doing so, businesses need to design loyalty programs that reward the right behaviour that will benefit the company’s bottom line while also providing fair value to its customers.

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02 Mar
social media, customer satisfaction, customer service, social media marketing

While naysayers regularly criticize the very essence of social media, there are many in the know that understand that when used properly, brands of all sizes and shapes can derive many things through this marketing and communications channel. One component that’s often forgotten is how social can help your business enhance its customer satisfaction.

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02 Feb
digital marketing, mass customization

While some have concerns about its impact on privacy, marketers’ ability to employ customization in their messaging will offer consumers a completely new shopping experience in 2017 and beyond. And with the addition of elements such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the uses and applications for customization in the digital space.

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