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05 Oct
ecommerce, online marketing, digital marketing, showrooming, webrooming

Much has been written about the demise of some very big name retailers in recent months in the US. From Sears to Macys to Radio Shack and Payless Shoes, these retailers and many more have faced significant financial challenges that have resulted in the closure of hundreds of stores.

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06 Sep
customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer service

Many marketing buzzwords have emerged in the past decade as the digital realm has continued to evolve. SEO, buyer’s journeys, marketing analytics and geo targeting are but a few of the terms marketers banter about in their efforts to validate what they bring to the boardroom table. One such term has evoked both a new and old world flair - client experience. It has taken on a nirvana-like persona as many businesses strive to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy online.

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03 Aug
Customer service, customer satisfaction, customer complaints, brand

Too often, marketers and customers service professionals view customer service problems as just that – a problem, or even worse as a nuisance or a bother. It’s time that we take a new perspective on this matter and realize that customer complaints and criticisms are opportunities for your business to refine what it does and how it takes care of the needs of its customers.

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