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14 Oct
digital marketing, online marketing, marketing communications

Change. It appears to be the one constant we can count on these days. We’ve come to grips with the reality that we need to be able to adapt to change or deal with the repercussions. Digital marketers have become very attune with this concept, with many expected to constantly adjust their digital marketing campaigns in order to achieve optimal results.

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21 Jul
employee advocacy, employee, engagement

The advent of social media and digital marketing has resulted in the exponential growth and near obsession of many marketers with two key metrics – engagement and reach. Both of these elements have been enhanced greatly by the internet; marketers are now geared to motivating their customers to communicate with their brand online.

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04 Jan
Marketing analytics, marketing technology, marketing automation

No question strikes equal amounts of fear and confusion in marketers than this one. Marketing technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 5 years, ushering in a new era where big data, marketing automation and analytics have all combined to add a new dimension to the role of a marketer.

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