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10 Aug
marketing personalization, personalization, marketing strategy, analytics, big data

Marketing personalization continues to be a focal point for many marketers as we strive to better engage with our customers and deliver them the offers, promotions and messaging they want when they want it. The challenge however continues to be how best to make this happen, and to achieve this at scale. So what can be done to make this more successful? Here are a few suggestions we’ve compiled.

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10 Jun
digital marketing, personalization, privacy, data analytics, big data

More and more in recent years, consumers have yearned for and demanded from the brands they support that they deliver more relevant and personalized advertisements and offers to them. And for the most part brands have tried to achieve this by leveraging their digital capabilities to provide more pertinent ads.

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08 Apr
digital marketing, influencer marketing, influencers, big data, data analytics, one-to-one marketing, personalization

Disruption is a phenomenon affecting almost every aspect of our lives, from politics to health, the environment, shopping and education. Technology is the driving force behind much of this disruption; however we shouldn’t discount how evolving demands and expectations are creating an environment prone to disruption.  Marketers are facing many disruptors on a variety of fronts today. We will look at three of the key causes of this disruption.

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