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10 Mar
marketing strategy, marketing, SMB

As I’ve said on many occasions, marketing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) isn’t easy nowadays, in spite of all the tools at our disposal. Add to this that customers have become more demanding than ever before and the result is a much more complicated puzzle. And when SMBs fail to employ a sound marketing strategy in devising their marketing tactics, things can only get worse!

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22 Oct
Market research, marketing research, marketing strategy

Too often today, companies are eager to go to market with their latest and greatest widget even though they’ve put minimal thought into the strategic marketing aspects of their launch. As a result, they often lack a coherent plan to be successful. This occurs because many don’t fully understand the role market research plays in helping businesses make better decisions.

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24 May
differentiation, marketing, marketing strategy

In our continuing series on the value and importance of a marketing strategy for your business, today we’re going to touch on something that sometimes gets lost in the digital world of social media, SEO, marketing analytics and Google AdWords – differentiation.

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