Creative thinking that delivers results

01 May
marketing, marketing communications, marketing strategy, innovation

Innovation isn’t a word often associated with marketing, in part because our industry has often been considered more of a creative medium.  And while the growing prevalence of marketing automation and analytics might change this perception a bit, for many the idea of marketing innovation is still far off.  So can marketers be innovative, and if so, what would this look like in practical terms?

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15 Aug
Social medial, social listening, influencer marketing

With the plethora of marketing tools and resources available today, particularly online, many small and medium-sized businesses have everything they need at their fingertips to do their own marketing. Or do they?

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30 Jul

In today’s digital world, where ‘one-to-one’ marketing has been greatly facilitated by tools such as social networking, many business owners assume that in this highly personalized environment, it’s not a concern if your messaging or positioning is different from one medium, audience or client conversation to the next. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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