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01 Dec

4 Tips to hiring the right marketer

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The growth of the internet has provided access to a plethora of information, resources and tools we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago. It's also enabled many ‘professionals’ to enter a variety of online businesses and promote themselves as experts in their field. This has created challenges for businesses looking to hire these companies - how to discern between legitimate companies that really know what they’re doing and those that don’t.

Lower barriers to entry

The mere presence of the internet has greatly reduced the barrier to entry for many online businesses, and marketing is no different. The proliferation of online or digital marketers is proof of this. Any wannabe online marketer really only needs a laptop, internet connection and a business card to start a business.

Consequently, business owners need to be cautious when hiring a marketing company. So what should you be looking for when you hire a professional marketer or marketing agency to support your business? The following four tips should assist you in making a more informed and educated decision.

1.     Check Credentials and Backgrounds

While many people classify themselves as digital marketers, digital marketing strategists, online marketing consultants and social media experts, what actual experience do they have in any of these roles? Have they worked for someone else in a marketing capacity or are they self-taught? What relevant education and actual marketing experience do they have?

Put more stock in companies and consultants that have actually worked for another company in a marketing capacity, either on the corporate or agency sides. Check their credentials to confirm they have the expertise and knowledge you need to be successful. One of the easiest ways to do this is to Google their names and look at their LinkedIn profiles. Does it show they’ve worked in marketing before? If so, what responsibilities did they have? If they have no LinkedIn profile, what does that say?

2.     ‘Test’ your future business partners

Too often, companies make assumptions about a company they wish to work with without even talking to them, basing their decision on a nice website or impressive social media presence! Do your due diligence and be prepared to “interview” your prospective new business colleague.

Prepare for these meetings by asking them some critical questions regarding their experience, knowledge and understanding of your company and industry. If they’ve failed to do their homework in advance to review your website and other marketing material or have little knowledge of your industry, what’s the chance they’ll be successful at marketing your products and services to your customers?

3.     Ask for References/Testimonials

One of the best indications of future success is past experiences. Talking to your prospective marketer’s past customers will give you a good indication of what they were able to deliver for these customers. Again, be prepared to ask them some tough questions, both good and bad. Ask these customers what they excelled at delivering on, but also remember to ask them what they were weak at.

By asking customers about some of their strengths and weaknesses you can get some invaluable insights into what these marketing companies are all about. If they were weak at delivering projects on time and on budget and you have high expectations for both, would they be a good fit for your company?

4.     Ask for referrals from trusted sources

One of the most effective and safest ways to find quality service providers of any kind – from a plumber, general contractor to a family doctor and accountant is to ask your friends and family members for their recommendations.

By asking colleagues for a referral to a trusted marketing company they’ve worked with in the past, you can avoid some of the less credible marketers by focusing on those that have proven themselves in real client situations with real campaigns!

In the end, finding the right marketing company to work with is no different than what you went through to find your company’s accountant or lawyer. It takes time, effort and the diligence to do both of these while avoiding the temptation to skip either of these steps to find a ‘quick fix’.

If you’re looking to hire a trusted marketing company to help you with your business, we encourage you to contact us. We offer all our next clients a free one hour consultation where you can get to know us, pick our brains and hopefully leave with a better idea of some of the marketing options available to you.